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I want to tell you a real estate story

Many years ago, when I was in high school. Ooops … let’s start this story all over again: many, many, many years ago, I mean  – many decades ago when I was in high school. I was the captain of my high school Cross-Country running team.

After one of my races, I  started having chronic back issues, and my parent’s Chripoactors methods, techniques, and philosophies were somewhere between new-age and old-world if that makes sense.  He wasn’t working at one of the typical physiotherapy factories that were so prevalent in those days and even today, but also wasn’t looking to cure what ailed me by smudging the room with self-help tapes and then spreading mud on my back either.

One of the first few times I was there, he said to me,

“Can you try to wiggle your middle toe on your left foot?”

Me – thinking Uhh…It would be easier if you asked me to retake the S.A.T exam again. The concept was interesting.  Why?  Why that toe?  Who knows.  Regardless, I changed the focus of my back pain and my S.A.T scores, to finding that toe on my left foot and wiggle it, without moving the others, and then ….CRRRAAACK!

He cracked my neck. Och!

A “manipulation,” for those in the know. Today, it might even be called child abuse.

And the reason he did this successfully was that I didn’t expect it was coming.  I had no idea, and even if I did, I was busy trying to figure out how to wiggle my goddam middle toe.

When the patient knows the manipulation is coming, (or in the case of a Boston condo buyer) they tense up, and it doesn’t work; at least not as well, if at all.

How does the story apply to the Boston condo market

Yesterday, while watching TV, I saw a  Redfin commercial. Based on this commercial you wouldn’t know we were going through both a health crisis and a social crisis. Manipulation at it’s best.

Viewers: “Can you try to wiggle your middle toe on your left foot?” While I tell you the Boson condo market is okay.

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