Don’t Rely Completely on Virtual Tours

A recent National Association Realtor Survey provided some intriguing insights into the characteristics of the Boston condo buyers and sellers. A majority of both say they are comfortable with technology and conducting business on a computer, as well as taking online tours of homes. In addition, 55% of real estate buyers say virtual tours are great for initially vetting which homes they would seriously consider purchasing, though that number dropped quite a bit when asked if a virtual tour was an acceptable substitute for a physical tour. Despite the drop, 

Two out of five buyers say they would consider buying a Boston condo without a visit.

The real estate survey revealed that there are ways to enhance the value of a virtual tour, such as including a tour of the neighborhood or providing written information about home improvements the seller has made. He found that 54% of buyers and 55% of sellers believe it’s important to have a real estate professional help buyers navigate virtual home buying options.

Boston Real Estate Open Houses

In terms of traditional in-person Boston real estate Open House tours, both buyers and sellers see value in precautions, such as providing sanitary wipes, limiting visitors to two to four at a time, providing hand sanitizer, and requiring masks, gloves, and shoe coverings. The Survey also noted that buyers and sellers see hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, and visitor limitations as precautions that will need to remain in place over the long term.

Boston Real Estate Brokers – BEWARE Of Legal Actions

The real estate survey also included a caution for Boston real estate brokers in reference to in-person tours: Thirty-eight percent of buyers and 48% of sellers indicate that they would consider legal action if they contracted COVID-19 after a showing. And 29% of buyers and 41% of sellers indicate that they would still consider suing even if they had signed a release. However, 58% of buyers say they’re willing to waive their right to sue.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

The possibilities of lawsuits weren’t something I thought of, until now. I hope this won’t be the next stumbling block that the local downtown Boston real estate for sale market will have to face next.

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