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This is an updated article from yesterday’s blog post about a Boston Realtor and the extortion case. Following are excerpts from the Boston Globe:

Boston realtor Michael Carucci thought he was going to be showing $1 million Back Bay properties to a new client during a meeting that had been arranged by phone but was a little scared when three men he described as thugs showed up at his office.

His fear turned to anger when the men said they had been sent by one of Carucci’s longtime friends, realtor David Gefke, to collect a $60,000 business debt. They allegedly even threatened him and his family.

“There was a part of me that just wanted to let this go,’’ Carucci said yesterday. “But at the end of the day, it isn’t right. And when they mentioned my wife and family . . . I think a message has to be sent that this is unacceptable.’’

Carucci, 51, chief executive of The Boston Real Estate Group, alerted the FBI and Boston police about the Jan. 29 confrontation, then cooperated in an investigation that led to the arrest of Gefke and another man Friday, followed by the arrest of two more men yesterday. All four are charged with extortion.

It is an ironic twist for Carucci, now seeking justice from the same government that once targeted him. He was indicted in 1997 on federal charges that he laundered money for notorious Boston gangster Stephen “The Rifleman’’ Flemmi by helping him buy real estate in Boston’s Back Bay. After a lengthy court battle, Carucci was acquitted of 94 counts. A jury convicted him of a handful of charges, but a federal appeals court overturned his conviction in 2004.

“I do believe in the system,’’ said Carucci, adding that his past legal battles did not give him pause in seeking the government’s help. “It was a very easy decision,’’ he said..

On a personal note, let me state, that I’m presently working on a sale of a Beacon Hill buildiing with Michael Carucci. I have found him to be very professional and a hard working broker. I think the Boston Globe sums Michael’s work ethic best:

“…Carucci has become one of Boston’s most successful realtors”

And Michael’s sales numbers prove it. I encourage everyone to read the entire Boston Globe article. It’s an interesting read.

I would like to wish Michael and his family the best of luck and continued success in 2010.

One last thought: I think someone owes Bradley an apology LOL.

File Under: Let justice be served.

Click here to read the full Boston Globe article.

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