It’s no secret that the Boston Seaport condo market has become a buyer’s market, and a buyer’s market is often difficult for many homeowners who want to sell their home for top dollar and in a reasonable amount of time.  The fact of the matter is that you can sell your Boston Seaport condo in a buyer’s market if you are willing to compromise and work hard.

Although many real estate professionals will tell you what to do to sell your Atlanta home, we are going to focus on what not to do:

Don’t be Unrealistic

You must price your Boston condo for sale according to market conditions if you expect it to sell timely. Pricing your condominium according to what you think it is worth will get you nowhere fast. Unless you have time to spare, price your home according to what the market will bear for a quicker sale. Your real estate agent will help you in ascertaining an appropriate market value for your home.

Don’t be Inflexible

The truth is that not every meeting, showing or open house will be convenient for you. This is therefore not the time to put your foot down and cancel a showing because you didn’t have plans on getting up that early on a Sunday. Take a deep breath and understand that selling your home comes with a certain degree of hassles, but in the end your flexibility will help sell your home.

Don’t be Lazy

Deciding to sell your Boston Seaport condo and putting in on MLS should not be the end of your chores as a seller/broker. Before your Boston condo hits the market, you’ll want to clean up, clear out and update, if necessary. Putting the time and elbow grease into your home will likely sell your home faster, and for more money, so take the time to prepare your house for sale before inviting your first potential buyers in.

Don’t be Stubborn

It is important to remain open to suggestions from your real estate agent. Some of these suggestions may peeve you, particularly if it involves pricing your home or tackling home improvement projects, but being stubborn only delays the process of selling your home and does not benefit you in the end.

Don’t be Unwilling to Negotiate

When an offer comes to the table, don’t immediately dismiss it. Remember that you can always counter offer, but firmly rejecting an offer will eliminate a potential sale. Remain open minded about all levels of negotiation, including credits, closing costs and repair work.

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