More and more landlords are moving to prohibit smoking in their apartment buildings, telling prospective tenants they can be evicted if they light up in them.

One of the largest landlords in Boston, Archstone, has a new apartment complex named the Avenir, located at 101 Canal Street (picture above). They’re taking it a step farther at the Avenir. From their web site:

The community, which features 241 luxury apartment homes and 27,000 square feet of retail space, is the first large-scale, professionally managed apartment community to offer a smoke-free living environment in Boston. Smoking will be prohibited in interior common areas, inside apartment units, on balconies and the roof deck.

That’s right. Even the typical smoker’s refuge – outside on the balcony or a roof deck – is also off limits.

Across the country, the movement to ban smoking in residential buildings is gaining traction. Even some public houising agencies have forbidden smoking.

In California, all apartments and condos in Richmond, near San Francisco, outlawed cigarette smoking in apartments, under an ordinance passed in July. In Belmont, Calif., a ban on smoking in apartments took effect in January, after a 14-month grace period, with a $100 fine for offenders.

So will Boston be next to ban smoking in your home?

If you’re a landlord, do you allow smoking in your apartments?

File Under: ACLU Smokers need not apply.

If your interested in viewing the Avenir, please call our office at 617-720-5454. The landlord is providing two free months rent with a year lease.

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