Boston suburb condo associations way out of control


Boston suburb condo associations way out of control

Over the years I’ve heard many complaints about condo associations. Here are two from the Boston suburbs.

Many years ago, a condo association complained that they saw an owners bike outside his front door and in the yard. In response/retaliation, this owner put a toilet in the front yard and called it ‘art’ (as art was generally protected by local city ordinances). The condo association never bothered him again.

a man sitting on a toilet
flushing the condo association out


No Parking

A Milton townhouse owner lived where you couldn’t park in front of your own townhouse. One day, she received a fine notice for a car parked in front of her townhouse that wasn’t her car. She emailed the board president to tell him this, and the board president replied that if the car was in front of his townhouse, he would get a fine. So she printed out the email, put it on her dashboard, and started parking in front of board presidents townhouse. Only took a couple days for the fine to be removed.