Bostonian condominiums for sale

Bostonian condominiums for sale

Bostonian Condominiums for sale per neighborhood.

The number of Boston condos for sale has dropped from 641 in November 2011 to 570 for November 21, 2014. The following is a breakdown of the condo sales inventory, per each neighborhood of Boston.

The neighborhood of Back Bay has 61 condos listed for sale.
The neighborhood of Beacon Hill has only 19 condos for sale.
The neighborhood of Brighton presently has 20 condominiums on the market.
The neighborhood of Charlestown has listed 27 condominiums for sale.
Boston Dorchester area has 54 condos listed for sale.


Bostonian condominiums for sale

Bostonian condominiums for sale







 Bostonian Condominiums for sale.

Boston, MA Financial District has four condos for sale.

Boston Hyde Park  has seven condos for sale priced between $134,900 to $479,000.

Boston Jamaica Plain presently has 29 condominiums for sale with the least expensive being $233,000 and the most expensive listed at $2,100,000.

The Boston Kenmore area has only one condo for sale.

Boston Leather District has seven luxury condominiums for sale priced between $720,000 to $2,100,000.

Boston Midtown twenty-one luxury condos for sale priced between $695,000 – $5,875,000.

Boston North End has fourteen condos for sale priced from under $400,000 to a high of $1,250,000.

The Boston neighborhood of Roslindale as 23 properties for sale priced between $104,000 for a starter home, to $625,000 for a three bedroom with two full baths.

Boston’s Roxbury area has 12 condominiums for sale in various price points from $300,000 to $600,000.

Boston Seaport District has several luxury condominiums for sale with starting price of $650,000.

South Boston has one of the largest selection of condos for sale with a total of 77.

The Fenway area has one of the least amount of condos for sale with only seven listed as of today’s date.

West Roxbury has nine properties for sale in all price points.

Boston West End shows five condos for sale from $400,000 range to $700,000.

The Boston Waterfront presently has 55 real estate listing for sale priced between $500,000 to $5,000,000.

Boston’s Chinatown has no condo listings for sale.

There has been 2,564 real estate sales transaction in the last six months.

The college town of Allston has twelve condo for sale.

Boston Mission Hill has only one condo for sale.

Presently there are no Bay Village properties for sale.

Boston proper has 404 real estate transactions under agreement as of November 21, 2014.

Ninety-six condos have been with drawn from the for sale market .

Over 500 properties have been listed as canceled or expired in the last six months.

Over three thousand properties have been rented in the last six months.

There are two hundred and sixty single-family homes for sale in Boston, Massachusetts.

One hundred and thirty nine single-family homes are for sale in the Boston area.

Boston has 231 multi-family homes for sale as of today’s date.

In the last six month 239 multi-family units have been withdrawn or canceled from the marker place.

There are seventy new Bostonian apartment rentals on the market this month.

Back Bay has five new property rentals in the last three days, according to MLS.

Beacon Hill has 59 apartments for rent, which is near a record high for this time of year.

Charlestown has 55 apartments for rent most available for either December 1st or January 2015.

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Source: MLS

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