Boston condo fees

Boston condo fees

The Boston Courant has a great story this week about condo fees in various neighborhoods, including a $10,000-plus/month fee at the Mandarin.

The Midtown area has the highest median condo fees in the city ($900 plus), which is no surprise when you think about the Ritz condos there, etc. Back Back is above $500 while Beacon Hill hovers near $400, according to the Courant

Btw: We’d link to the Courant web site and specific story link if we could. But the Courant famously, and somewhat admirably, has steadfastly refused to put its news on the web as long as there’s no viable cyber business model out there that won’t devalue its print product. Who can blame them? That’s why we only use general info above from the Courant print-edition story — and encourage you to get a copy.

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