The Maps Room at the Boston Public Library is a treasure. A treasure of maps.

And now it will be even better.

According to the Globe:

Retired Boston developer and map aficionado Norman B. Leventhal is contributing $10 million for a permanent endowment of the Boston Public Library’s map center, the library’s largest gift ever.

In an announcement to be made at the library today, Leventhal, who built a significant piece of Boston’s skyline and who last week turned 90, is also making a long-term loan to the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center of 178 of his most valuable historic maps of Boston, New England, and the world.

How very admirable of Mr Leventhal.

I have a great book of maps from his collection.

In addition to the new and improved maps room and increased endowment, the library is going to put more maps online, making them available for everyone.

Make a special trip to the library to check it all out. It’s worth it.

Maps lead to a public jewel – By Thomas C. Palmer Jr., The Boston Globe

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