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A local woman is suing her real estate broker for selling her a condo directly above another unit where someone smoked. She said she had asthma — and specifically asked whether someone below her unit smoked.

Now she’s suing in state court, and she’s already won settlements from residents who lived in the first-floor unit.

It’s easy to get upset about this from a number of angles. One can side with the woman. One can side with the broker. One can side with condo owners who partook in a perfectly legal act and still got nailed for a settlement.

The thing to remember is that we’re a very litigious society these days, and this is just the latest on the legal front. It’s going to get worse (or better, depending on how you view the controversy) on the smoking issue — and it’s no longer going to be confined to smokers.

The fear here is that anti-smoking groups will show little or no mercy when it comes to lawsuits. They’re on a crusade, and that’s going to be that.

Your thoughts?

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