According to LINK several units so far have sold at the Bryant with an average sales price per sq ft of $881.00. The last unit to sell was on 8/28/09 which was unit #503. The asking price was $1,990,000 and sold for $1,575,000 the avg sales price per sq ft for this unit was $740.13.

So here’s my question. Do you think that the Bryant auction will:

a) Sell at or above the avg sales price of $881.00 sq ft*
b) The last sale will be the (benchmark) market rate at $740.13
c) The condos will sell below $740.13 per sq ft. price

*Total of five units sold. One condo sold for $570,000 if you were to include this sale, the avg price per sq ft would drop to $826.00 per sq ft.

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