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So, there’s a place in New York City called Staten Island. It’s one of the five burroughs of New York. It’s also an island that you can get to by car or ferry.

What better place to put a racetrack, right?

Some people think so.

Some others, apparently, do not.

(A)fter representatives from racetrack developer International Speedway Corp. spoke, the crowd inside the school’s auditorium turned unruly and began heckling elected officials once they took to the microphone. One man even tried to wrestle the microphone out of City Counilman Andrew Lanza’s hands by placing the official in a partial headlock. Outside, throngs of people who couldn’t get in chanted, held up placards and engaged in often boisterous debate with one another.

Now, why don’t we see more of this type of behavior? We need more activists!

Source: Pandemonium closes NASCAR meeting – Staten Island Advance

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Updated: January 2018

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