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With most people spending more time in their Boston condo due to the pandemic, renovations have suddenly become much more popular.

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Now, renovators are claiming that the task not only relieves the boredom but has been good for their mental health too, according to a study of more than 1,000 homeowners and renters about their home DIY projects carried out by CouponFollow.

Real Estate Renovation Study

The study found that 34% of respondents believe that DIY projects at home have improved their mental health while in quarantine. Moreover, 49% said that the projects have given them a sense of enjoyment while sheltering at home, Another 55% said they were motivated to tackle a home improvement project due to social distancing rules that have more or less forced them to stay home for long periods.

“The results of this study showed some of the few silver linings of the COVID-19 lockdown,” the researchers noted in the study. “For many, months spent stuck at home became productive times for home improvement. And by the results of these projects, homeowners and renters are pretty handy: Over half of those who took on DIY home improvement projects were successful.”

Thinking of Selling your home?

Another motivating factor is the financial benefits of these home renovation projects. Around one-quarter of those surveyed said they were hoping to sell their home sometime within the next five years. Around 65% said they were only putting off selling now because of the pandemic.

Downtown Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

The survey also looked at the most popular DIY home renovation projects and found that bathroom repair topped the list, followed by interior house painting and bathroom décor. Broken out by generation, most baby boomers have focused on bathroom décor, while millennials were most interested in bathroom repairs and upgrades. Meanwhile, Generation X was more into interior house painting projects, the study found.  

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