What the above title may mean for the Boston Seaport District with it’s  new real estate development? We might come to be seen as the innovation capital of world.

Boston Seaport District 21st Century Neighborhood

That’s Boston Seaport District is seen by many as a laboratory for rethinking local land-use arrangements to suit the burgeoning of the much-touted “knowledge-based economy.”

That means upending traditional zoning and building standards and finding ways to make city attractive to high-tech companies, research firms, coupled with Boston Seaport residential real estate condominiums and apartments for the 21st century.

The Boston Seaport District and the Global Economy

The economic development strategies will be different, in each downtown Boston real estate neighborhood. What are your city’s attributes? What’s your geography? How do connect to the global marketplace? We’re all going global — every city is. We have to figure out how to connect to it — what’s going to be your calling card to the world?

The vision of the Boston Seaport District  as it ties into the “Global Economy” is a concept where people live, work and play within walking distance of one another so they cross-pollinate ideas and product concepts and make the proverbial whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Bottom Line

What’s starting to happen in the Boston Seaport District is a new vision, new ways of doing things, new concept of living,

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