Can I buy a downtown Boston condo under $500,000?

I ‘ve worked with Boston real estate buyers in all price ranges. With a purchase price anywhere from a $300,000 dollars to $10,000,000 dollars.Downtown Boston has a wide diversity of real estate with a variety of sale prices. I’m often asked:

Why are downtown Boston condo so expensive?

My answer is simple; it’s a very desirable place to live, it’s the basic supply and demand principle. Let’s just agree that downtown Boston is a desirable location and because of that Boston real estate is expensive when compared to most other places in the country/

Can I purchase price of $500,000 condo in downtown Boston?

This purchase price can buy a nice sizel house in some areas of the county. But this is Boston, depending on the neighborhood a nice size studio in Midtown or a samll 1 bedroom in the Fenway. In 2020 in some areas of downtown Boston its possible to find a condominium, but there is a lot of competition.

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