Michael Ross, Boston City Councilor, has proposed making it illegal for landlords to rent apartments to more than four students.

From the Herald:

In a bid to rein in “Animal House” antics in Boston’s neighborhoods, city councilors want to scap the number of students who can rent a single apartment.

City Councilor Michael Ross is championing a proposal to bar more than four students from renting a single apartment together.

Ross, whose district includes student-heavy Fenway and Mission Hill, is now pushing to have the ban incorporated into Boston’s zoning code.

Actually, there are probably already laws on the books that would resolve the issues Mr Ross is discussing. As the article mentions, there are requirements on how much space must be allowed, per person – in addition, perhaps there are limits on how many people can share one bedroom or live in one apartment. And, of course, there are building code regulations which require a certain amount of space (and a window) in all bedrooms.

(** Not surprisingly, there are a couple of choice comments left on the Herald’s site regarding this issue:


Another genius…….. what about the friggin sidewalks i just fell again


Hey Ross, how about limiting the number of Puerto Ricans? I’m tired of all that salsa music. You are a shining example of a Massachusetts politician…the first among equals.)

Source: Hub councilor pushes plan to cap student renters – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald