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ONEin3 is a city-run (actually, Boston Redevelopment Authority-run) organization which connects Boston’s younger citizens with resources related to home-buying, business development, professional networking, and civic engagement.

As they put it:

ONEin3 works on making Boston better able to respond to the needs, in all their breadth, of Boston’s 20-34 year-olds (about 1/3 of Boston’s total population is within this age range, hence the name).

We have a number of different parts to the program, including an advisory council to the Mayor and an entrepreneurs group. We also try to sponsor events and programs that target a particular issue or need.

ONEin3 is co-sponsoring a session of Homebuying 101, a free program run out of the Boston Home Center that teaches first-time home-buyers the fundamentals about looking for and finding the right home to buy. Graduates of the course are also eligible for a number of City, State and Federal home-buying assistance programs.

The course is 4 two hour sessions on consecutive Tuesdays beginning March 13th.

I know people who have taken the seminar and it is truly worthwhile.

You may contact Devin Cole at the BRA for more information by sending an email to:

If you are thinking of buying this spring, this is the perfect primer.

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