I’m a fan of tearing down Boston’s City Hall.

I’m not a fan of replacing it with one on the waterfront. Too difficult to get to, is my main complaint.

The Mayor appears to be moving forward, regardless of what his constituents (or the City Council) think.

What will the new building and public plaza look like?

From the Globe:

City officials … imagine a cultural center in conjunction with a new City Hall, one that would replace the current brick plaza with a tent area where residents can enjoy views of the skyline as they listen to jazz, oldies, and hip-hop. A new bike path would connect Roxbury to the new City Hall.

The city is in discussions with state officials over possibly creating a new underground MBTA stop along the Silver Line that would service a new City Hall.

The public’s use would be concentrated on the first two or three floors, to eliminate the misdirection and wandering around that goes on in the current building.

“You can have some great art galleries there, too,” Menino said. “In the back you could have a veranda where people can come enjoy themselves in the summertime.”

Sounds gorgeous.

Wait, what’s this?

The city is also planning to renovate the Ferdinand Building in Dudley Square, where several departments and about 1,500 employees will be housed.

Huh? Why? What’s the point of a new city hall if it’s not going to house all the people? There are plenty of opportunities to build in Dudley Square. Just not this one. I think it’s a misguided idea.

Source: Simple visions for new City Hall – By Matt Viser, The Boston Globe

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