The Boston Herald reported today that the city is proposing a new light-rail line to go from South Station to Harvard’s new Allston campus, with stops at Back Bay and Yawkey stations.

Sounds like a great idea.  Apparently, the rails already exist, some of which is currently in use by the Worcester commuter rail line.

This proposal dovetails nicely with John Rosenthal’s plan to renovate the Yawkey station, as part of his grand design to build housing and office space over the Mass Turnpike, outside Kenmore Square.

Of course, the sour grapes in me would suggest that maybe the city and state should be spending money on other projects, first, such as replacing the Silver Line bus line with light rail, and extending the E line out to Forest Hills.  In addition, there wouldn’t be a need to build this line if the state had maintained the old “A” line, which split off of the B line at Commonwealth Ave and North Beacon Street, and went right into Allston.

And, finally, if you’re going to be extending the subway and commuter rail lines, why not add the South Station / North Station link that people have been begging for?

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Updated: January 2018

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