Yesterday, mega-superstar columnist Holden Lewis held an online chat with readers of

Holden writes the popular and important blog, Mortgage Matters, on

The transcript of the chat can be found on

Here’s Holden’s initial thoughts about the chat:

Whew! That was quite a workout, doing that chat on this afternoon. (I’ll post a link to the transcript when it’s available.) I was struck by how basic most of the questions were. People want to know whether they should refinance.

Or, to be more precise: People want to know how to determine for themselves whether they should refi.

Left unspoken is homeowners’ dread of asking questions of mortgage brokers and loan officers. For a lot of people, I think, calling a mortgage broker is like walking onto a used-car lot. They feel that they have to be wary, lest they be taken advantage of.

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