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In case you didn’t pick up the Boston Courant, this week, here are highlights (sorry, they don’t publish an online version …).

* Centremark Properties has proposed replacing a six-story parking garage at 4-6 Newbury Street with a 49,000 square foot, 82-foot tall building made up of retail on three stories and office space, above that.

Zoning allows buildings as high as 65-feet.

Some neighbors are not happy.

* Developers of the GrandMarc private dormitory have gone back to the drawing boards, reducing the density of their proposal from one, 1,000 student building to two, 800 student buildings.

Some neighbors are still unhappy.

* The Boston Redevelopment Authority has asked developers of the proposed Prudential Center plaza office building to submit plans for a shorter building in a bid, perhaps, to placate some neighbors, who are unhappy. Previously approved plans allow for an 11-story building; the developer has asked for 19-stories. (And, a 30-story residential highrise, around the corner.)

* Emmanuel College’s plans for a 200-student dormitory remain on-track. Some neighbors are unhappy with the proposal, but it was approved by the city in 2000, as part of the school’s master plan. The building will be at the corner of The Fenway and Brookline Ave.

* Neighbors are pushing the Church of Scientology to allow retail on the first floor of its new headquarters, at the corner of Massachusetts Ave and Washington St.

More likely is the chance that L Ron Hubbard will come back to Earth in a spaceship.

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