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Today I wanted to go to the Santander Bank on Charles Street in Beacon Hill to deposit a check. Yes, I still deposit checks the old fashion way by going to the teller. Perhaps it’s my age, but I still don’t feel comfortable scanning checks on my cell and whammo… it’s in my bank account like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

Why am I bringing this up?

Today is Juneteenth, a holiday, and Santander Bank closed at 12 pm today.

I don’t remember learning about his date in school.

Is it me, but do you remember this date when you were in school? Did banks close in the past at 12 pm on this date?

Today’s date doesn’t mark the date of Lincoln’s proclamation that freed the slaves, nor does it occur on the day that the 13th amendment was passed. This date commemorates the day that a last group of slaves (outside of Galveston, TX) heard that they had been freed years earlier.

Holidays are symbols. They can cause us to pause for celebration or grief, for togetherness or simply to smile. Holidays are worth recalling because they give us a chance to connect and recommit to an idea that matters to us. This is a holiday about freedom delayed.

I guess what one can say; delaying what’s right is toxic.

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