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No, of course not. The coronavirus did.

Presently, our current pandemic has dissolved the need to conduct Open Houses. We are physically distancing ourselves from each other because of the contagiousness of Covid-19. One person who refuses to do this can easily disrupt the lives of many. And if groups of people do not take this crisis seriously, the consequences can be devastating. In answer to Cain’s question to God, we are our brother’s keeper.

While the light at the end of the tunnel may still be a distance away, it is not too early to reflect upon how life can change when things get back to normal on this Palm Sunday. Hopefully, the rugged individualism that characterizes our consumer oriented culture will give way to a deeper appreciation of how we need one another and how we are responsible to each other. The mentality that says “I’m up, pull up the ladder” needs to give way to a mindset that truly cares for the least among us. 

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