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Did you hire the right Boston real estate agent? A fictitious letter I wanted to send.

Let me start from the beginning, I understand the real estate market is in the burbs is crazy busy, I get it. But some of these real estate brokers still have a job to do and must present all offers. At a minimum know the basics of the property your representing.

I was so frustrated with a broker located on the north shore, I wanted to send this letter to the owner, but I didn’t

Dear homeowner,

You hired the wrong agent. He doesn’t know when your preferred closing date is. He has to ask you what your preferred closing date is because he doesn’t know. He is very busy.

He doesn’t have the condo docs and doesn’t know where they are. He has the showing appointment system set up so that most people who want to see your home will not be able to, which is probably alright because you can only accept one offer.

The pictures he took are pretty bad. They are small and dark and fail to capture the inner beauty of your home. He used his phone to take them and didn’t even bother to make them level.  He is just too busy.

We have other questions about your home but your agent doesn’t respond to calls or emails but requests that we send text messages between 8 and 9 each evening. . . some evenings. He is busy and doesn’t want to be bothered which is understandable. He has other clients to consider.

There is more but you don’t need to hear it. Relax there is a shortage of houses in the north shore for sale, it will sell.

Just remember that the agent you hired represents you. Next time around hire someone that you will be proud to be represented by. Someone who has time for the full service as offered in the companies glossy brochure.

Sincerely me

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