I’m betting I beat “The Track” to this piece of gossip, not that I’m bragging.

Not only has New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick won the Super Bowl three times, he’s also smart enough to invest in some Park Slope real estate. The “Mad Genius” (okay, only when he’s playing against Jets coach Eric “Man Genius” Mangini) bought a $2.2 million townhouse on Sixth Street and is allegedly renting it out to his mistress. And by rent, we mean, Sharon Shenocca says she’s renting it, but it’s unclear whether he’s charging her anything at all.

What’s this all about? I mean, I thought Bostonians hated anything New York-based?

Yet, we had local QT QB Tom Brady plunking down $14.5 million for a condo on Central Park, last November, and now we have Belichick dropping some serious cash on an out-of-town pied-a-terre.

Oh, well, if other celebrities feel the need to spread their wings (and, might I say, other things …) in other cities, might I remind them that I’m also licensed in New York State?

Source: Pats Coach Belichick is Also a Park Slope Landlord! – By Jen Chung, Gothamist

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