Did you know that women now make up the majority of the American workforce? Did you also know, based on the real estate web site Trulia.com, that in my humble real estate world there are more woman real estate agents than males?  Based on their just released study on the gender of the real estate industry, there are more women real estate rental and sales agents than men across the country. Trulia looked at the real estate agents and brokers on their site and studied factors such as who had more condos and single-family homes listed. By the way, as the owner of Ford Realty I wasn’t counted, because I have no listings, I delegate them to my female sales agents.

Getting back to the study: In every state, not only do the number of women real estate agents outnumber men, but they outnumber them by a good amount.

As a Boston condo buyer or seller you may find this Massachusetts listing item interesting:

In Massachusetts homes for sale by female agents are 23% more expensive than those listed by men

So what does that really tell us? As I see it, men are better at pricing real estate than woman. I’m sure you agree with me.

Truila created a red and blue map, red indicating a state with more female listings (although I think red is suppose to be pink) and blue indicates the state that has more male real estate listings. Where do you think Massachusetts ranked?

Hint: Senator John Kerry likes this color and I also think blog reader Funny does as well.

Boston, Massachusetts real estate listing map

Number of listings - male vs. female real estate pros



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