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A recent report released by MassINC says that a quarter of all Bay State residents would leave the state if they had the opportunity.

I don’t even know what that means.  “If they had the opportunity?”  What would be keeping them here?  Are they in jail?

You know what has there ever been a time that people, when asked, said, “Oh, you know what, my housing costs are too LOW”?


Take this house and shove it’ – More and more Americans are moving to get away from overheated housing markets

In Massachusetts, a quarter of the people in the state said they would leave if they had the opportunity, according to a poll by MassINC, a non-profit public policy think tank. They would join some 170,000 Bay Staters who left for other parts of the United States between 2000 and 2004.

Many residents of high-priced housing markets around the country are cashing out and moving to more affordable areas.

The No. 1 reason cited by those who want to leave: The high cost of living. And the No. 1 area needing major improvement: Housing affordability.

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Boston Condos for Sale 2021


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