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Two weeks ago, there was a question about where you could get the most accurate real estate data.

A commenter said that ZipRealty was reporting a total of 480 listings in the South End, based on the numbers reported by ZipRealty.

I reported somewhere around 225 listings, based on what I saw in MLSPIN.

So I did some research and this is what I found out.

The data collected and distributed by ZipRealty is not 100% accurate or up to date.

ZipRealty’s data is not updated as often as MLSPIN, and their data is subject to mistakes and duplicates (see a commenter’s comments below, for more info).

For example, regarding Allston condo data. As of tonight, ZipRealty has 42 listings. MLSPIN has 33 listings.

One big reason for this is, MLSPIN data is updated, instantaneously, anytime an agent makes a change. ZipRealty is updated when they get around to it (I assume, several times a day).

Six of the listings in ZipRealty are expired (see comments for a correction).

10 Scottfield Rd #B3-2
147 Kelton St, #510
85 Brainerd St, #315
533 Cambridge St, #212
85 Brainerd St, TH5
1304-1312 Commonwealth Ave #3

Three of the listings in ZipRealty are duplicates – same data from MLSPIN, but listed twice.

33 Arden St, #3
15 North Beacon St, #1006
15 North Beacon St, #314

The commenter asked about South End listings, not Allston listings, but I can’t compare the South End listings, because there are at least 225 listings in the South End (MLSPIN data) or as many as 497 (or 513) listings (ZipRealty data) and ZipRealty only lets you see 200 at a time.

Bottom line is, if you want the most accurate and timely data, go to MLSPIN.

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