Superstar broker Justin Green was interviewed recently on his thoughts regarding the Dorchester real estate market.

“The game has changed a lot,” said 27-year-old Justin Green, a local [R]ealtor. “The big problem we have right now is the crisis in the mortgage industry. The consumer is confused right now. I’m finding that even when they’re presented with a silver platter amazing deal, they’re still not pulling the trigger.”

He does see some points of light, however.

“Savin Hill, Jones Hill, obviously these do very well,” said Green. “It really is the whole East side of Dorchester along the Red Line. A lot of people are looking for access to the T, for resale value and everything else.”

The article also discusses The Carruth mixed-use development currently under construction at the Ashmont MBTA stop.

“I actually feel very optimistic about that one specifically,” said John A. Keith, a real estate agent that maintains the Boston Real Estate Blog. “Some people don’t like that it has a mix of rent and condos, but I think it was an awesome idea. It’s a great use of space.”

(Hmm. Notice how the reporter doesn’t mention my age, but is quick to point out that Justin is only 27-years old … what’s up with that???)

Condo market reflects changing landscape – By Pete Stidman, The Dorchester Reporter

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