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Downtown Boston Real Estate: Expired & Canceled Condo Listings

Cancel culture is hitting the Boston condo for sale market this summer. Sellers aren’t getting the prices they want or need, and are increasingly pulling their homes off the market.

Many Boston luxury condo sellers yanked their homes off the market in June. Many homes were on the high end of the price spectrum, with an average list price of $3.9M.

Lower end Boston condo owners also canceled their listings after their properties spent an average of 70 days on the market.

In my neighborhood of Boston’s Beacon Hill, the prize for the most staying power goes to 27 Bowdoin St 1C on the market for 428 days, before Compass pulled it off the market.

Boston condos for sale and the bottom line

I didn’t investigate every sale history, but I’m betting that a good portion of these homes were last sold in the past five years—and their owners are not ready to accept less than what they may have paid.

Updated: Boston Real Estate Blog 2022

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Today I was viewing the downtown Boston real estate MLS canceled an expired condo rate. One of my rates readers asked how many listings were canceled or had expired.  I ran some numbers for downtown Boston for the last two months:

  • 306 downtown Boston condos were either canceled or expired the last 14 days.

It is likely that some of these downtown Boston condo listings that were canceled or expired were put back on the market in 2021.  The number of Boston condo listings expired or canceled in the last two weeks may seem high, but its not unusual for this time of year.

Downtown Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

It is not all that unusual to cancel a listing and then put it back on the market a couple of days later to kind of re-set the clock, and make the listing appear new.   We can tell when we look in the MLS  how many days a home has been on the market in the last year.

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