The Globe has a story out today about Downtown Crossing.

Here’s what’s happening in DTX:

In total, more than $1.2 billion in private funds is being poured into Downtown Crossing — an unprecedented investment for the district — to create 350,000 square feet of retail space, dormitories for 600 students, 350 hotel rooms, 550 residential units, and 700 parking spaces.

The Filene’s project is expected to wrap up by 2010. Construction on all of the other major developments in the area will be underway by the end of the year and should be finished by 2009. Those projects are Emerson College’s 145,000-square-foot mixed-use project to include dorms, classrooms, and cultural uses at Paramount Center on Washington Street; Suffolk University’s plan for a 274-bed dormitory at 10 West St.; a 31-story retail and residential project at 45 Province St.; and a 14-story mixed-use building at Hayward Place.

God, everyone seems to be all caught up on the inconvenience this will cause to people during construction, as if they were building a new World Trade Center.

So you won’t be able to get a pair of new pumps at Shoe Barn without walking around a chain-linked fence.

Just relax.

Source: A downtown crossroad – By Jenn Abelson, The Boston Globe

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