Boston condos

Boston condos

Hey, we have something very special for you: A handy dandy summary of the city’s new apartment-registration regulations.

We knew you’d love it.

Actually, it’s quite good, in the sense that if you don’t understand and follow the rules you’ll get whacked with fines.

Again, we don’t object to the intentions of the new regulations — i.e. tracking units to crack down on slum lords.

It’s the new annual registration fees that you just know will be abused in the future and become a defacto new tax, with money flowing into city coffers and with fees increased now and then when the city needs money.

In this regard, this is just a revenue-raising scheme. Pure and simple. And tenants will eventually pay for every nickel of it.

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Boston condos

Boston condos for sale


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Updated: January 2018


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