Michael Lewis, the author of several best-selling business books, most recently “Boomerang,” has intercepted a top-secret message to all those in the top 1 percent of society. The chilling content: A possible counterrevolutionary strategy should the 99 percent revolt. Below, Boston Real Estate Blog presents excerpts from the disturbing memorandum:

To: The Upper Ones
From: Strategy Committee
Re: The Counterrevolution

As usual, we have much to celebrate.

The rabble has been driven from the public parks. Our adversaries, now defined by the freaks and criminals among them, have demonstrated only that they have no idea what they are doing. They have failed to identify a single achievable goal.
Just weeks ago, in our first memo, we expressed concern that the big Wall Street banks were vulnerable to a mass financial boycott — more vulnerable even than tobacco companies or apartheid-era South African multinationals. A boycott might raise fears of a bank run; and the fears might create the fact.

Now, we’ll never know: The Lower 99’s notion of an attack on Wall Street is to stand around hollering at the New York Stock Exchange. The stock exchange!

We have won a battle, but this war is far from over.

File under: Inglorious Bastards!

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