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OK, this a non-real estate post but still of local interest: A new book about the medical resurrection of Ted Williams. Yeah, that Ted, of Red Sox fame. Not finished with the novel yet, but it’s pretty clever and good so far. Here’s how reviewer Bill Hall described local author Bruce Spitzer’s ‘Extra Innings’:

The premise lies in fact: we know that the son of Ted Williams, one of the game’s all-time greats, had his father’s head cryogenically frozen after his death in 2002 in hopes that science would reach the point where he could be revived someday.

That day arrives in “Extra Innings.” It is 2092, and not only is medical science able to repair the brain damage caused by strokes late in Williams’ life, or in this case FIRST life, it’s also able to reattach said head to a donor body (from a brain-dead 25 year old) and restore his famous 20-10 vision in the bargain. …

The grand game of baseball is now played internationally and robots have replaced human pitchers. Fenway Park is still the home of the Red Sox (though it’s now situated on Fenway Island due to global warming and fans arrive in water taxis).

You get the picture.

Btw: There is a real estate angle to this after all. Besides the future Fenway Island, check out the first link above and see how the Back Bay fares in 2092. Question: Do property values increase or decrease if Boston transforms from the Athens of America to the Venice of America?

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