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If I was in the business of making predictions, I’d stick to college basketball scores and Oscar best actress awards.

Not making bets on where a developer will build (or, the direction of the real estate market, for that matter).

Steve Bailey feels otherwise, apparently.

What Joe Fallon, the latest in a line of would-be Fan Pier builders, needs more than anything is a tenant. And he and his friend, the mayor, have their eyes on a big one: the FBI, currently in the market for 270,000 square feet of space for its new Boston office. Menino told me last week that he had recently pitched the FBI and the Government Services Administration, the FBI’s landlord, on Fan Pier as a site. “The federal courthouse and the FBI, right next to each other,” Menino told me. “What better location could you have?”

I guess it’s not really Steve who thinks the FBI will build on the waterfront, it’s the Mayor.

Either way, I don’t think it will happen.

The Mayor comes off a bit naive in this story, I think, which makes me uncomfortable.

Source: History lesson – By Steve Bailey, The Boston Globe

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