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I received an email this morning from a potential condo buyer requesting information on Fenway condos. One of the questions she asked was how the Fenway condo market is doing this year compared to last year.

As Sgt. Joe Friday would say in Dragnet here are the facts, “just the facts ma’am”:

Comparing 3 Q sales 2008 with 2007.

Fenway Condo sales 2007- 58 condos sold, avg. sales price $313,102.00

Fenway condo sales 2008 – 52 condo sold, avg. sales price $324,288.00

Fenway condos sales from 1/1/07 – 11/1/07 – 134. The avg. sales price $322,205.00

Fenway condo sales from 1/1/08 – 11/1/08 – 129. The avg. sales price $356,677.00

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