A couple days ago, a local reporter said that the Red Sox management’s buy of area buildings and sites had stimulated development in the Fenway neighborhood.

That’s a questionable statement. Especially if you’ve walked through Kenmore Square anytime recently.

The area’s a dump.

You might like eating at the Eastern Standard or meeting a mate at the Foundation Lounge, but the rest of it feels like Times Square, circa 1985 (or 1975, for that matter …).

Empty storefronts, sketchy people, barren stretches of street, cars barreling through without caution.


Enjoy the game!

(Today, Steve Bailey at the Globe covers the issue, saying that perhaps BU will be helping out, indirectly, by selling off a lot of its Kenmore Square holdings … which would be unfortunate, given that their buildings are the only ones showing any life in the area!)

More:Inside baseball – By Steve Bailey, The Boston Globe

Also: Successful teams spark surrounding development – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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