On Sunday, I came came across an interesting sermon entitled ‘Listening Sessions’. A part of the sermon was about the the vision thing. 

It’s the Vision Thing! What exactly is the “vision thing”? Near the end of President Reagan’s eight years in office, it was common knowledge that his Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush, was interested in succeeding his boss in the White House. Critics and pundits wondered what a Bush Administration would look like. A Time Magazine article went so far as to headline the question: Where is the Real George Bush? The uncomplimentary article that followed recounted Bush’s mastery of many issues but his lack of an overall, cohesive strategy for the nation. When a colleague suggested that Bush take a few days off to consider this critique, he said “You mean the vision thing?” This line stuck to Bush like a cheap suit and was used against him by his political adversaries. Following his defeat four years later, columnist George Will attributed his loss to a lack of clarity of ideas and principles that could shape public opinion and influence Congress (aka, the vision thing.)

How does this apply to First-time Boston real estate buyers?

Many years ago, I read a book titled Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. One excerpt from the book has always stuck with me. It stated:

Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.

What’s your fist step in buying a Boston condo?

You got it. You need to conceive it and believe it in your mind that you’ll own a Boston condo.  It’s the vision thing.

Once you do that – read this: First steps in buying a Boston condo

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