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Here comes Congress!

So far, I’ve been less than impressed by proposals being floated by Congress to provide aid too … well, everybody. I totally supported giving grants to Boston real estate offices, like mine, because, based on what I read, it seems like a good move – hey, it’s a loan, people, not a gift!

Anyway, one of the newer proposals is to forgive all grants;

Is this necessary?

I don’t care about blogging about Congress and how they spend our money. Of course, whether or not anyone who starts their own business, should be allowed to obtain a forgivable grant is another question, completely. When you start a business you take a risk. Live up to it. 

I guess it’s just the cynic in me that sees these efforts as nothing more than posturing on how to win an election. Well, even if Congress had good intentions in mind, it doesn’t mean the ideas were heartfelt or even necessary based on the recent unemployment stats released for the month of May.

Boston Real estate and the Bottom Line

So when am I receiving my forgivable grant? Before or after the Boston bars open?

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