Petitions to foreclose increased in August, compared to August, 2006.

According to the Boston Business Journal:

Foreclosure request and auction announcements jumped in August according to The Warren Group, which found there were 1,986 petitions to foreclose filed in Massachusetts Land Court during the month.

That’s an increase of 11.9 percent compared to last August, when there were 1,775 petitions filed to foreclose. During the first eight months of this year, 17,044 petitions have been filed which is an increase of 45.3 percent compared to 10,679 petitions filed during the same time last year, according to The Warren Group.

There were approximately 125 actual foreclosures in Suffolk County, in August, 2007, compared to 45 actual foreclosures in Suffolk County, in August, 2006.

“Actual foreclosures” would be the last step in the foreclosure process – when the bank shows up with the sheriff to kick you out of your home, locking the door behind you.

Source: Report: Mass. foreclosures up – Boston Business Journal

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