Foreign Investors: Welcome!

Technology makes it easier than ever to work with foreign Boston condo buyers and sellers. Sometimes I never meet get to meet the owners or buyers of the Boston condo for sale until the closing.

Boston Real Estate Technology

It is easy to stay in touch and to let the Boston condo owners know how often buyers are viewing the property and what Boston real estate buyers are saying about it.

A couple of years ago I sold a home for someone who was living in Sweden. As long as we were both mindful of that we were a few time zones apart it worked out pretty well. We were able to get some repairs made to the home and I was able to sell it in just a few weeks.

Boston Real Estate Electronic Signatures

With electronic forms and signatures it is very easy for me to get contracts signed and when the seller has an offer we can go over it and it can be signed without ever being printed.

Boston condo byers and sellers don’t have to be present for the closing. The money can be wired to the sellers bank account.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

No you don’t have to live in downtown Boston to sell your high rise condominium. You just need a great Boston Realtor® like me.

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