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Former Boston condo owner finds a new mission

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Former Boston condo owner finds a new mission

Steve Jimenez felt lost after being laid-off from his regimented tech job in downtown Boston. Steve made the tough decision to sell his Boston condo and move back to his families home in Texas.

While in Texas, a friend told him about bees. The bees were in worse shape than he was. Since 2011, 40% of America’s bee colonies have been lost to pesticides and climate change. Steve needed a mission and decided to help Mother Nature’s pollinators to survive, he told Texas Monthly.

Steve, is doing well know with a new job and just purchase a new house. On his free time, he’s tending to his bee hives and teaching others the same.

Mentor Tim Schmitz (right) teaches NewBEE James Burns about beekeeping.

Source: Texas Monthly

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