In today’s Boston condo blog post I’m going to discuss four major tips on listing a Boston condo:

  1. Tip number one know your market this is most critical point of all. Knowing who is the ideal buyer for your Boston condo. Depending on your property and who your market is essential on how its marketed. For example you would need to market a first time buyer condo different from a Boston luxury high rise penthouse condo. In this case I would select different Google Adwords for penthouse than for fors tome buyer ocndo.
  2. Tip number two online presence. You need to have your property online this is where buyers start their home search.
  3. Tip number three photography and videography. Very important to have both done professionally. Photos and videos are the first impression online of how someone is going to precieve your Boston condo.
  4. Tip number four is staging. If staged correctlu it will look better and sell faster.