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Fun Things To Do In Boston

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Despite having a small area as a town center for a major city, it is not only baked beans, the Fenway Park, and the marathon that should excite you whenever you think of Boston because this city has an extensive wealth of things to experience. 

 Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts in the United States. It is home to almost 400 years of rich history and culture. It is a city where both the old and new coexist beautifully. Imagine an afternoon tea party along the cobbled-stone streets with the view of the Boston harbor, waltz in excitement inside libraries of literary geniuses, prance gracefully between halls in art galleries that house art pieces of well-renowned painters. Truly, there is more to Boston than meets the eye. Here a few things to do in Boston:

  • Boost your adrenaline.

Boston Tours and Cruises.

One of the most popular tourist activities in Boston is joining any Boston cruise. This is a perfect way for you to capture and experience the city’s scenery and history. Book a cruise that will enable you to sail between the harbor’s 34 islands as your tour guide explains each one of them. While the typical walking or driving tour is fine, the cruising tour is definitely worth it and opens your eyes to see Boston from a different perspective. If you are traveling with someone, you should instead try the romantic sunset dinner cruise. Normally, most dinner cruises feature a three-course meal with entertainment and a lot of dancing. It is not your usual nightlife fun but it can be one of those nights to remember.

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 Boston Freedom Trail Scavenger Hunt.

Most tour providers offer a Freedom Trail scavenger hunt. Should you squeeze this in your cramped schedule, this activity usually lasts for 3 hours and is a new way to learn Boston’s local history. Discover a variety of both well-known and overlooked sights, get ready to solve clues and complete challenges. If you love mystery, then this is the activity for you.

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  • Be like a local.

Samuel Adams Brewery. Boston is also known for its thriving beer culture which was first made famous by Samuel Adams and Harpoon breweries. Stop by this brewery to sample a variety of pilsners, stouts, hard ciders and locally made tasty snacks. Drink like a local while learning about their history and beer-brewing process.

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DeLuca’s Market. When you are in DeLuca, it always feels like you are time traveling to the past. That could be the reason why this place reminds you of those specialty grocery stores you see in the movies during the holiday season. DeLuca is a charming small market on Charles Street. Most locals come in to grab their traditional deli sandwiches sold at a price and bring straight for a picnic in Boston Commons right in front of it. They also have a nice selection of chips and drinks, not to mention their extensive wine choices in the basement. Pair it with your sandwich. 

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  • Drool in amazing architecture.

Boston Public Library. Also known as the “palace for people, this renaissance revival kind of architecture was built in 1895. It is home to a wide variety of art collections, tapestries, rarebooks, manuscripts and musical scores. This is only one among the many 18th and 19th century Federal style buildings in Boston which survived centuries alongside the existence of contemporary ones. 

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Beacon Hill. This would have to be one of the most picturesque areas in Boston. Along Acorn Street you will find Federal-Victorian brick row houses brightened by antique lanterns. Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s most exclusive residential neighborhoods. Lux boutiques and antiques shops crowd Charles Street. Beacon Hill is a place like no other.

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  • Go back in time.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Netflix recently released their new documentary about the world’s biggest art heist and guess where it happened? The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. In 1990, thirteen artworks valued at $500 million were stolen from this museum and to this day, the men behind the crime are at large. The museum houses significant pieces by Titian, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael Botticelli, Manet, Degas, Whistler and Sargent. 

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USS Constitution Museum. Hit a 2-for-one visiting this museum since you will find it at the end of the Boston’s Freedom Trail. Housed in a restored shipyard building, the museum tells the story of “Constitution” and the people who designed, built and sailed her through the museum’s collections and interactive exhibits. One of which is the interesting “All Hands On Deck” exhibit which explores the realities of life at sea set while at war in 1812. 

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 Your next conversation about Boston should not be about the common things anymore. With these tips, you can visit Boston from a local person’s point of view and you do not ever have to look at Boston in the same way again. 

By the way, did you know that the Boston Marathon is going virtual this year in lieu of the real one because of the pandemic? This big virtual event can be joined by any walkers or runners from any city and state. With no time restrictions, the participants only need to complete the marathon distance of 26.2 miles in one attempt to earn their Unicorn finisher’s medal.

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