Regardless, of the recent troubles on the Redline T last week, Boston’s transit system is ranked in the top 3 best transit systems in U.S, cities.

Boston ranked No. 3 in a recent Transit Score ranking , largely due to the geographic reach and convenience to Boston’s top neighborhoods.

Boston’s T system, the first subway in the United States, ranked third overall with a 72.6, while also ranking third among the the country’s most walkable large cities. Residents in Boston are able to walk to restaurants, bars, coffee shops and retail store  within five minutes, according to WalkScore.

Boston transit has several upcoming projects on the horizon, including transit expansions, all-electronics fare collections and the North Station-South Station connector. These projects may further increase the city’s Transit Score.

Transit Score is the only national, quantitive rating of access to public transit, measuring ranking of U.S. cities’ transit systems based on residents’ access to public transportation in order for homebuyers and renters to find neighborhoods where they can drive less.

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