So, today was the start of the Christmas holiday season at Starbucks®. Well, of course it was, what else would you do on an early-November afternoon but decorate your stores with festive red-and-green decorations and assorted trinkets of many colors and uses.

But, before you go off on a rant about how commercialized Christmas the holidays have become and how retail shops are just shoving all this down our throats earlier and earlier each year, you must know what happened next.

Within twenty minutes of the store manager opening the first box of supplies, a man came up to the elf putting together the display case.

“What’s this?” he asked, pointing at some boxy thing.

“Oh, that’s the new Starbucks® Advent Calendar …” said the helpful store clerk.

“Oh. Do you have any more of them?”

“Well, we haven’t unpacked them yet … let me see …” Clerk goes into back, retrieves an advent calendar box, brings it back, customer buys it.

Twenty minutes later, a man came up to the elf putting together the display case.

“OMG! Do you have the Christmas Blend available?!!” (But, he said it more breathless …)

“Yes!” the elf responded, equally excited.

“Can I have a pound?!!”


“I love this stuff!”

“Tell all your friends!!!”

People, you have only yourselves to blame.

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