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In honor of Halloween, I thought it might provide some information about haunted Beacon Hill condos and homes.

Beacon Hill Condo Ghost Busters

Boston condo buyers should always have a home inspection and watch out for signs of haunting like ghost droppings, creaky boards, the wind blowing inside when the windows are closed, objects floating or flying through the air, and maniacal laughter from unexplained or perhaps invisible sources. 

Boston Real Estate Home Sellers

Boston real estate home sellers are not required to disclose that their house is haunted but they can if they want to.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

I want home buyers to know that I have never sold a haunted property. Today is Halloween if you would like to buy a Beacon Hill condo for sale that isn’t haunted please email me at call/text 617-595-3712. Let’s see if our staff can find your new home

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