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When a condo is sold in a foreclosure, very often it is full of junk. Across the country, crews are hired to haul away what’s left in foreclosed homes, removing any sign of a home life, or what is called in the industry as a “trash out.”

Well, a trash out in Las Vegas went horribly wrong as they hit the wrong condo — and now Nilly Mauck has lost all her possessions.

Can we say OOPS?

A few weeks ago, the foreclosed home was supposed to get locks changed but Mauck says that’s not what happened. “I came home to pick up something and there was a note on my door from the Brenkus Team of Keller and Williams Realty stating that they accidentally re-keyed the wrong door,” she said.

It was a problem Mauck thought was fixed, until she came home to find a man going into her home. Mauck says everything inside was missing.

She says she later learned her home had been trashed out, a process done to foreclosures where everything left inside is thrown away. Via Las Vegas Now.

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