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Every New England state is handling the COVID-19 pandemic differently, so it is no surprise that each New England state is expected to see peak Coronavirus deaths on different days throughout the next few weeks.


The projected peak in daily deaths: April 22

The Nutmeg state borders New York and many residents work in New York City, which has put its death rate higher than other small states, despite the closure of all non-essential businesses on March 23. Connecticut’s peak in daily death is projected for April 22, with hospital resources being grossly overstretched the day prior. A total hospital bed shortage of nearly 5,000 and intensive care unit bed shortage of 1,258 is projected on April 21, along with only 1,400 ventilators on hand, according to the Hartford Courant. It will not help to lower the 4,003 projected total COVID-19 deaths


The projected peak in daily deaths: April 19

Maine is not expected to be hard hit by the coronavirus (100 total deaths by August 4, with a coronavirus peak on April 19). Regardless, the state is not taking the pandemic lightly. The Maine Department of Education is recommending that remote learning to be used to finish the school year to help flatten the curve, says NBC News Center Maine


The projected peak in daily deaths: April 19

The New England state has only 277 ICU beds available. However, coronavirus at its projected peak will drain hospital resources and force a need for nearly 1,900 beds in ICUs across Massachusetts. Of the 5,625 COVID-19 deaths expected in the state through August 4, about 213 have been anticipated on April 19, the peak day for fatalities in Massachusetts. There is a glimmer of early hope coming from the state, reports the Boston Globe. “Three Massachusetts hospitals have received approval to launch the first U.S. clinical trial of a Japanese flu drug that could be used to treat COVID-19,” the Boston Globe adds.

New Hampshire

The projected peak in daily deaths: April 16

Thanks in part to a sparse population, an early school closure (March 16) and stay at home order (March 27), New Hampshire is projected to see 66 COVID-19 related deaths. The peak of coronavirus will land on April 16, according to official data. That said, reports of ten coronavirus fatalities at a long-term care facility is worrying for a state that already seemed to have a flat curve for the outbreak. Here are four household products that kill coronavirus, according to Consumer Reports.

Rhode Island

The projected peak in daily deaths: April 29

The tiny oceanfront state has one of the latest projected coronavirus peaks: April 25 is when the state’s hospital resources will likely be hardest hit with hundreds of ICU bed shortages. On April 29, Rhode Island is expected to see the most single-day deaths from COVID-19. Here’s how coronavirus is different from other pandemics throughout history


The projected peak in daily deaths: April 4

The coronavirus curve appears to be flat in Vermont, with the peak day having passed (April 4). The original stay at home order was to expire on April 15. “Your sacrifices are having an impact. These steps are literally saving lives,” Governor Phil Scott said. He’s expected to extend the order. “We can’t lift our foot off the gas just yet, because this can change in an instant,” Scott added

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