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At first glance, this photo gallery of home décor from ‘Gatsby to Mad Men’ seemingly had a lot of fun potential.

But it was ultimately a lazy effort. Though they included some true blasts-from-the-past items (such as tin ceilings and those ugly glass blockwalls), do A-frame homes and outdoor carports really fall into the category of ‘home décor’? C’mon. Might as well include outhouses and bungalows if you’re going down that road.

Still, it got us to thinking of that craziest decade of all crazy decades – the 1960s – and its often hilarious attempts at being cool and hip, especially after Madison Avenue tried to glom onto the hippie culture and the ad men of Mad Men ad men strove to come across as groovy as their kids.

We found one excellent site on Pinterest highlighting ‘60s home décor. We especially liked the shots of the mod-looking fireplaces.

But there’s still so much more: Shag rugs, waterbeds, electric-coil stove ranges, rounded plastic chairs, yellow kitchen cabinets, Beatles floor beds, Formica countertops, bong tables (or was that the ‘70s?).

If you remember other ‘60s home-décor items of note, please pass ‘em along. And, please, no cheating by taking notes while re-watching Austin Powers.

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Updated: January 2018


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